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Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells Pdf Free
Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells Pdf Free

lymphokine activated killer cells pdf free


Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells Pdf Free >



















































Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells Pdf Free


Lysis of natural killer-resistant fresh solid tumor cells by interleukin 2-activated autologous human peripheral blood lymphocytes. A recent murine study has also shown that co-injection of LAKs and DCs into tumours led to regression associated with protection against secondary rechallenge (Capobianco et al, 2008). OK432-matured tumour cell-loaded DCs were used as a positive priming control (graph shows one representative donor and asterisks (*) denote P<0.05 comparing LAK/DC vs DC priming across five donors).Full figure and legend (56K)Top of pageDiscussionBackground: Methods: Results: Conclusion: Materials and methods Results Discussion References Acknowledgements Figures and TablesThe aim of this preclinical study was to investigate the innate and adaptive immune anti-tumour potential of a deliverable, clinical grade human LAK/DC combination cell therapy for the treatment of cancer, in particular melanoma. Cancer Immunol Immunother 53(11): 1018–1026ArticlePubMedISISemino C, Angelini G, Poggi A, Rubartelli A (2005) NK/iDC interaction results in IL-18 secretion by DCs at the synaptic cleft followed by NK cell activation and release of the DC maturation factor HMGB1. As expected, DCs alone did not kill tumour targets. In addition, we observed some increase in the already high levels of ICAM-1, although this was donor dependent (data not shown).Figure 3.DCs mature in the presence of LAKs, but retain their phagocytic ability. PMID3549471.


We show that DCs are effectively matured by LAKs, while maintaining their phagocytic function for effective uptake of potential TAAs. Upper panels: representative histograms from one donor showing expression of cell surface markers on NK-LAK cultured in the absence (black) or presence (grey) of DCs; isotype controls are shaded. Dendritic cells (DCs) are components of the early innate immune system and can also prime specific, adaptive responses. Significantly, NK/DC interactions can promote the generation of tumour-specific T-cell responses, whereby NK cells function as nominal ‘helper’ cells to support adaptive anti-tumour immunity (Reschner et al, 2008).Lymphokine-activated killer cells (LAKs) are a heterogeneous population of cells consisting primarily of NK, NKT and T cells, which are generated in vitro by culture of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in IL-2 (Grimm et al, 1982). Blood 104(10): 3267–3275ArticlePubMedISIChemPortBryceson YT, March ME, Ljunggren HG, Long EO (2006) Activation, coactivation, and costimulation of resting human natural killer cells. Notably, ligands for NK activating receptors were initially present at low levels on DCs (Figure 3B), whereas the adhesion molecule ICAM-1 (the ligand for LFA-1 as expressed on LAKs, Figure 1D) was consistently expressed at high levels.Mouse and human LAK/NK cells are known to activate DCs in vitro (Valteau-Couanet et al, 2002; Capobianco et al, 2006) and vice versa (Kalinski et al, 2005; Yano et al, 2006), and we found similar reciprocal activation in our clinical grade LAK/DC co-cultures. As we are proposing LAKs/DCs as a cytotoxic and immunogenic combination cell therapy on interaction with tumour cell targets, we next investigated whether the presence of melanoma cells would have a deleterious effect on the cross-activation between LAKs and DCs described above. Consistent with our previous data on DC-activated NK cells (Errington et al, 2008), this killing was perforin-mediated (Figure 5D).


Percent lysis was calculated using the following formula: % lysis=100 (sample c.p.m.−spontaneous c.p.m.)/(maximum c.p.m.−spontaneous c.p.m.).Dendritic cell phagocytosis assayDCs were pulsed with FITC-dextran (Sigma)LAKs (1 : 10 ratio) for 60 min at 37C (or 4C control). Moreover, LAKs are more readily cultured in large numbers for administration to patients than purified NK cells. External links[edit]. All cell lines were routinely tested for mycoplasma and found to be free of infection.Lymphokine-activated killer cell/DC co-culturesFreshly harvested LAKs and DCs were co-cultured together at a ratio of 10 : 1, in mixed culture media (50 : 50 LAK:DC media without cytokines) at a density of 2 106 ml−1 LAKs for 48 h. Analogous to DC-induced LAK activation, LAKs effectively matured autologous DCs on co-culture (Figure 3B). Moreover, activation of LAKs by co-administered DCs may remove the need for IL-2 and hence reduce the toxicity associated with LAK therapy in the past.This preclinical study investigated the interaction between clinically relevant LAKs and DCs, their ability to reciprocally activate each other, and the potential of the LAK/DC combination to prime both innate and adaptive immune responses against melanoma in human in vitro priming assays. ^ a b c d Lafreniere R, Rosenberg SA (1985). The degree of CD107 expression was measured on the surface of LAKs during exposure to Daudi and Mel888, following pre-cultureDCs for 48 h (Figure 5B and C). The results show the NK-LAK fraction degranulated most following co-culture with targets.


(1985). The mechanism of LAK cells is distinctive from that of natural killer cells because they can lyse cells that NK cells cannot.[4] LAK cells are also capable of acting against cells that do not display the major histocompatibility complex, as has been shown by the ability to cause lysis in non-immunogenic, allogeneic and syngeneic tumors.[4] LAK cells are specific to tumor cells and do not display activity against normal cells.[4]. CD40L staining was low or absent on NK-, NKT- and T-LAK (data not shown). LFA-1 and ICAM-1 are involved in cell–cell interaction during an inflammatory response, and LFA-1 is particularly important during NK interaction with antigen-presenting cells and T cells (Borg et al, 2004). (A) Representative plots show sequential gating strategy for CD11c DCs. This cell biology article is a stub. .. Lower panels: Line graphs denoting data from all six donors tested (*P<0.05).Full figure and legend (181K)Lymphokine-activated killer cells induce DC maturationWe next addressed the effects of LAKs on DCs. 6c2930289c

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